You’ve been baking your cookies all wrong – how to make them perfectly round and it only takes one item… – The US Sun

You’ve been baking your cookies all wrong – how to make them perfectly round and it only takes one item… – The US Sun

EVER wonder how bakers get their cookies to be perfectly round?

Well, a Texas mom has revealed that all you need is a cup or a glass to obtain the flawless shape.


A woman revealed how to make perfectly round cookiesCredit: TikTok


All you need is a cupCredit: TikTok

As soon as you pull out your cookies from the oven, you’ll want to grab a cup or glass wide enough to fit the cookie inside.

Place the cup over the cookie and then, very gently, move it in a circle a few times to make sure it touches every corner of the cup.

After a few seconds, lift up the cup and you’ll see a perfectly round baked good.

Because the cookie is still warm enough, it’ll be easy to mold to a shape without having to touch it directly.

Then let them cool down for a few minutes before surprising your family with perfectly round cookies.

Additionally, if you’re making cookies with a specific shape and they don’t come out looking like they’re supposed to, you can simply cut them with the cutter while they’re still hot.

Previously, a cooking guru revealed what you should do with your leftover cookie dough after using a cutter.

The cooking fanatic, named Sarah Wohlner, shared her trick to her nearly 600,000 followers on TikTok.

“I found this out way too late in life,” she admitted at the beginning of her video.

“If you ever use a cookie cutter and have scraps from the edge pieces, just put them back inside the cookie mold and press down,” she instructed, as she carried out her strategy for her followers.

This process comes in handy when there is not enough dough to roll out and press the cutter into as normal.

“It’s the best and easiest way to use up all the cookie dough without having a random misshapen blob on your baking sheet,” Sarah explained.

“If you do have thumbprints like mine, just flip it and it’s good as new,” she added.

When she finished, Sarah was left with an extra cookie that was shaped just as perfectly as the rest of them. 

The tip was a hit among her followers and came just in time for those baking cookies for Christmas. 


You’ll get them in perfect shapeCredit: TikTok